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Singer and songwriter

The young singer/songwriter Hanna Vox

released her debut single Basis of Art in the summer of 2018, at the age of 15, a mix of the best rhythms and sounds of disco, funk, jazz and soul.


Hanna writes her own music and lyrics, plays the piano and sets her signature on the result with her young, intense and powerful vocals.


Hanna will soon release her next single, Cleopatra.


Listen to this interview to get to know her a bit more...


Basis of Art

Are you curious about the song title and its meaning?

Basis of art - what could it possibly mean?

The song is about dancing and being in your own bubble, not caring about the surroundings. Hanna describes it as visiting her own space. At the beginning of the song, you can only hear Hanna's voice and some simple piano chords. The simpleness is meant to frame this feeling of being in your own space; you can only catch some frequencies or words. Everything else disappears. This feeling of easiness and disconnection is what
Basis of Art really is about.


Basis of Art is Hanna’s very first written song and since she wanted to write about something important to her, she chose dancing. She sat down, put her headphones on and got inspired from songs playing in the background. The beats and tones gave hear a vision of a potential song. The initial songwriting of lyrics was a fifteen minutes work and she spent another few hours by the piano to create a melody. But, the rest of the process took more time and was more cumbersome, fine-tuning the lyrics, finding the right chords, instruments and tempo, to decide on the sound and to find the right feeling. But, with a little help from her friends, a local producer and professional musicians she finally made it!


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