Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a great week with a lot of new memories. I’ve had a great week because finally I’ve focused on my songwriting and given my creativeness some “satisfaction”. I’ve tried a new strategy or technique when writing songs and I get in such a nice flow. I just sit by the piano, try different chord progressions and write some lyrics that I think will fit with the sound. I don’t have anything planned in my head - I just improvise. I put my soul in every chord and every word. Because of this, I’ve discovered some new aspects of my figure of thought. Every word I write down on paper demonstrates how I connect certain nouns or adjectives to different melodies. Sometimes when a chord fills my mind with sadness or happiness, it might pop up a very unexpected word in my head. I have a theory why these words run through my mind so naturally. I think that some adjectives or nouns come from experiences when I’ve might memorized a different color or smell that I later on think about when hearing a melody. If the melody is sad I’ll probably think about my saddest memory or something that has happened recently and subconsciously describe the surroundings with these “random” words.

My previous technique when writing songs didn’t create the same simpleness or natural flow. I sat on my bed, listened to music (usually Lana Del Rey’s songs) and tried to write down some lyrics. The problem was that I questioned every word that I wrote down like it wasn’t the right one. It didn’t describe my emotions in the right way. Anyway, I’m really contented about my new discovery of this technique when writing songs. That’s why I love creating music, there’s always something new to discover.



©2020 by Hanna Vox

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