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A Beautiful song

There is nothing like a melody and lyrics bound together. To break free, this combination is all I need. The making of a song – a beautiful song that brings harmony into this life. Because what is the function of a song?

For me, it is the opportunity to put words onto emotion, or emotion onto words. Or even to place thoughts in the same dimension as emotions; letting them reunite and

expand together. And, as a songwriter, I can even show them in which direction they should expand. If I combine optimistic lyrics with a combination of major chords, then don’t I strengthen the message of optimism? That is my belief and it has brought me a lot of harmony in this life. Through music I no longer use an emotion to fight a thought, or vice versa. Instead, I let them synchronize so abundance can flow freely. The fingers touching the keys on the piano, the vibrations from the vocal cord or the words slipping from my lips, are all that is necessary for me to reconnect with my higher self. It helps me to step back and become a third part of the ongoing debates within. The realization that I am more than a thought, more than an emotion and therefore the one with control, who can make these features function in a more balanced way.

As a singer/songwriter, I find no limits in emotional and mental strength. Whenever I feel a storm within, I turn to the piano and sing. Then if I am lucky, the rain will stop pouring and turn into this sweet scent known as summer rain. An ending I can hope for, thanks to lyrics and melodies bound together – the making of a song. The thing I need to break free.

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